Warning Signs

My toddler has a toy truck that carries (and here’s the scientific term) a bunch of over sized Lego things.  I don’t know the purpose of the truck other than it to be an over sized Lego transporter.  I have stopped asking why children’s toys are the way they are.  On this truck exists the above warning symbol.  Apparently, the truck is not meant for the most gnarly of toddlers.

Unfortunately, it appears there will be noacting out that Teen Wolf scene.  And certainly none of that Surf Ninjas scene (oh man, remember Surf Ninjas?)

I want to know the story behind this warning label.  Obviously this is a thing kids will do.  But it became such a problem that an artist was commissioned, a new mold revised, new tools developed and finally an updated over sized Lego transport truck was released to the market.

Here’s the conversation that went down at Over Sized Lego Transport Maker HQ:

“Daniels! Get in here!” Shouted Mrs. Arthur.  She had just read the latest safety reports and was far from happy.

“Yes, Mrs. Arthur?” A sheepish James Daniels asked entering his boss’ office.  He already knew why he was there, but did not want to approach the subject on his own.

“You’ve read these reports, right? You’ve seen the numbers?” She said from behind a folder labeled ‘Important Research’, which Daniels thought was a little too on-the-nose for a report folder, but he let it slide.

“I…I have, yes.  And I think I have an answer,” Daniels said.  He put a small piece of paper on the mahogany desk and pushed it toward his boss.

“What in the world is this?” She scoffed.

“Hear me out.  Obviously the kids that are doing this understand cool.  They know that the only way to impress people is to hop on one foot, rocking the air guitar and rolling around the house, every so often giving the ol’ jazz hands.  We need a warning symbol that will cover our liability, but at the same time let the kids know we know.  We know they’re cool.  We know they’re just doing what they do,” Daniels said with a smirk.

“Daniels you magnificent example of marketing prowess, you’ve done it again.  Get this to prototyping right away we’ve got money to print,” Mrs. Arthur said with a glee not heard since the fire cracker launching morphing robot incident of 1988.


Well, you know, it could have gone down like that.
Good night everybody! Thanks for reading.



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