Deleah in the Light

I have started about five different posts tonight and nothing is coming together. So instead we get a repost tonight. “Deleah in the Light” is a a story from long ago, but I still really enjoyed and will now make everyone read it again. Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh. Have a good night everybody!

Shawn Writes Stuff

The sky was never dark here.  Even when the sun went down, the three moons reflected enough light back to their planet to keep the sky well lit at all times.  At her dad’s last post, she could at least sneak out under cover of darkness.  Here on this back-water pit of a planet she had very little chance of successfully escaping the house for even an hour without someone seeing her.

Deleah Ront was named after her grandmother, an often arrested unionizer of mines and interstellar transportation outfits.  She was named for a rule breaker, a rebel rouser, a person that would not sit still when told to be silent.  How could her father expect her to obey the local curfew laws?  It would be an insult to her namesake’s memory.

She would not be held to a simple curfew rule this night.  A new friend at a new…

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