Modern Tongue Twisters

Fun for the whole family that does not care/know what a woodchuck is:

Fixed speed bikes and fifty hikes made Harry Hipster happy.  Happy Harry Hipster hikes and bikes and drinks the sad away.

wifi here, wifi there, why buy wifi when that guy has a router unprotected?

Bitter Twitter rant spitter, spitting Twitter rants bitter.

email inbox hit zero gives the feeling of a hero, email inbox gets one, hero comes quite undone.

Smart phone, loud groan, calling home, watch tone, need a loan

Emu emoji evading emotions effectively

Breaking Bad basically beat basic cables best bets.


I fear I don’t actually know what a tongue twister is and just used a bunch of alliteration to make a late night joke.  Still, when it comes to amazing literary devices one can’t beat alliteration.

Thanks for reading!




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