Confessions that can only (maybe) be forgiven if the parachute just failed:

Gaston was probably acting in town’s best interest re: Beast.

I just don’t get Adele.

Toy Story 3 was just ok.

The How I Met Your Mother ending really brought the series to a satisfactory end.

I loved Windows ME.

The original Mass Effect 3 endings did nothing wrong.

Ten and Rose needed to end.

I’ve never had a problem assembling Ikea furniture.

Best end of the world movie? Two words.  The. Core.

Pierce Brosnan was and will always be #1 Bond.

I assume bringing a “plus one” is always an option, even if the card does not expressly state such.

Despite everything, Jar Jar was a vital addition to canon.

Impressionism just makes me think the mid-19th century needed better optometry.

I wish I spent more time with spiders.


With special thanks to my wife for helping out on this one.
Thanks for reading!


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