Action Movie One Liners (Written While Hungry)

Action movie one-liners I will totally, unabashedly, use in future stories:


*western bar fight* We have to be careful now, gents, this volatile situation is already pretty whiskey.

*battling an evil cheese maker, insulting their materials*  You’ll never get a whey with this!

*When the wicked gardener is just about to win* Not this thyme.

*Christmas themed fight scene* I’m going to punch in your egg-noggin  –booooo I’m booing myself for this one booooo-

*when the bad guy just won’t stay down* You’re a gluten for punishment, eh?

*When the good guy fends off a carbo-loaded attack* Rice try, bad guy.

*A fight in the frozen food section* Hey nefarious villain, give peas a chance  whack

*When the fight is all over and the jolly green bandit is off to jail* Bean nice knowing you.

*a battle in a tight space* Not mushroom for the two of us.  –booooo again


Lunch cannot come soon enough…



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