Thank You Notes

Christmas weekend hiatus is over.  What a wonderful weekend, but now back to the ‘real world’ of sorts.  And in the real world, there are thank you notes.

Here’s stuff that will be appearing in our thank you notes this year:

Barely legible scribbling about received gifts and gestures, because despite the fact that I have not written anything by hand in years, a handwritten note is still the best way to convey thanks.

Apologies for insisting, loudly, that it is pronounced SantAH not SAnta.

A picture of the gift visiting Niagara Falls for a well earned weekend of relaxation.

A picture of the gift wearing a festive hat.

A picture of the gift waking up after the weekend of relaxation and having no idea where it has been, or what it has done.

A picture of the gift covering up all evidence of its presence at the luxurious Holiday Inn Niagara Falls, known for its reasonable room rates and breakfast offerings.

A handwritten note from the gift expressing how much it loved the quality of the breakfast offerings.

A few jokes about Goat Island.  Ha.  It has to be full of goats, amirite? Ah, humor.

A torn off bit of the Goat Island Cave of the Winds visitor pamphlet, scrawled over it a confession of taking all the island’s goats.  The gift still has no idea how, why; nothing.  We will never it again though.  It has promised that much.  It will learn in time that Goat Island is, indeed, devoid of goats.  We will see it again in a decade, bearded, and world weary, but still the gift we came to know and love.

Sincere thanks for the gifts and gestures that brought countless smiles to my children’s faces this weekend.





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