Board with Nails!

One Christmas, long ago, my family was driving home from festivities at my aunt’s house.  Snow filled the streets, slush filled the gutters and fatigue filled the passengers.  We were driving down a major street at the time, Alameda, and traffic zipped around us as traffic tends to do.  One strange car ahead of us, a dingy looking sedan (but this was the late 80s or early 90s, so all sedans looked dingy at the time) was being a particular road nuisance.  The driver of the dingy sedan was moving down the road slowly and tossing a hammer out of his window, stopping to pick it up, and then continuing down the road repeating the hammer toss action like he was a Super Mario villain.  It was the weirdest thing.  Cell phones did not exist at the time, so calling the authorities to put an end to his behavior was not immediately possible, but I am pretty sure my dad took down the plate number and called when we got home.

Would you believe that for years that story was the only “hammer at Christmas” tale I could tell?  How disappointing is that?  That problem has been corrected.  Now I have “Used a Hammer to Put Nails in a Board!”

I…I may stick with crazy 90s hammer throwing guy.

One last gift for the season and it was oddly the most fun to put together.  Hammer, nails, and a 2×6 board came together to make what is certainly the least appropriate toy to give a toddler, but regrets are problems for future me. This is a simply ball run toy.  In this case the ball is a very hard, very easy to throw golf ball.  The golf ball strikes the nails and each nail makes a really neat sound.  Depth of the nail, angle of the nail and how the ball hits each nail affect the sound made

The sound is super fun.  I think a bigger board with different elements to bounce off of will be coming in the future, but for now the toddler will have to cope.   The important part of putting this one together was remembering to size for the golf ball.  I forgot to do so.  Twice.  Easy fix, they’re just nails, but it put a pause in the smashing stuff process so it was annoying.

Here’s video for sound.  It really makes no sense without the sound.  The picture is fun and all, but with most of the lights in my office dead the shadows are more menacing than informative.  Pardon the vertical recording.


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