How to Make a Grinch.

Storm clouds gathered in the dark of night.  Children throughout the land slept with no knowledge of the glorious sight that awaited them post slumber.

Morning alarms sounded and the day began just like any other.  But this was no ordinary day.  It was the rarest and most splendid of days.  It was a snow day!

Buses canceled.  Classes called off.  Automated phone calls, morning news and Facebook statuses confirmed; today was a day of the comforts of home and delaying those dreaded finals.

The smell of hot chocolate filled homes as snow and ice covered them.  Smiles were worn on every face, but one.  One in the house would not be so lucky.  One in the house would be the season’s Scrooge.  For one in the house had a job that cared not for snow and slush.  One in the house would miss out on the glorious snow day.





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