I’ve been working on a new book lately.  Always an exciting process, but it’s pretty intense compared to my usual “I have an hour, let’s write something!” approach.  While I’m pleased with current progress of the new book, I’ve hit a bit of a creative rut when it comes to other projects.  Ideas are few, words are poorly put together; just a total creative doldrums and it is exhausting.

Trying to correct the problem has been a blast though!  I’ve turned to movies both good and bad, music both familiar and new, video games all over the top, and books both comic and not.  Exposure to other stories, perspectives, thoughts; all very necessary for life in general let alone making stuff up all day.

There’s one source of inspiration that beats everything;

Jedi Knight Grover?!?! The four year old tells way cooler stories than I do.

And the best part was the full scene:

Time loop? Multi-verse? That thing where a personality is split in two and the result is two different bodies?  I have no idea, but the story must have been amazing.


Comments welcome!

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