Friday Night Rambling

Some slogans I think should exist:

To stop cryptozoological tourism pollution – “Don’t Leave Loch Ness a Loch Mess”

To fend off bees – “Please No Bees”  because being direct is important too.

“Bean flavored Pop Tart, It’ll make you Pop….” nope I regret this one.

For Double A batteries – “When AAA just won’t cut it”  I think I need to know more about battery types before deciding on slogans.

For waiting in line – “Because it Better be Worth it”

for cucumbers in a salad – “ew.  Come on.  No.”

For NASA – “We’re Havin’ a Blasta!”

For accounting – “And You Think Your Work Stories are Boring!”

For Bigfoot – …I swear I wrote something down here.  You’ll just have to believe it was really good and totally exists.

For CDs- “Get Off My Rom!”  becuase they’re old?  I don’t know where this was going.

For salt free seasoning – “Na”



Well.  I’m going to sleep.
Happy weekend everybody! Thanks for reading.




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