Get the Instructions

My parents gave the four year old a Lego Star Wars advent calendar.  It is the coolest thing.  Every night in the 24 days leading to Christmas the wee one opens a little box within the box of boxed Lego goodies and puts together a small scale Lego box project.  Box.

The little tabs that open have instructional pictographs on how to put together the projects.  Ten pieces tops, these are crazy simple and fun things to put together.

My oldest son has never known a world in which instructions are printed and easily accessible though.  Every night as we put together the projects, he grabs my old Blackberry phone that he has been toting around since birth, taps on the keys swipes his finger on the screen and “gets the instructions” for the project.

One night we showed him the instructions were a little picture on the tab.  He “took a photo” (the blackberry battery has not been charged since 2012) of the instruction and did that weird pinch-the-screen motion to make the picture bigger.  So he could see it bigger.

The future is now and it is amazing.


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