House Hunting with Alex and Orli

“The flyer said, ‘move in ready,’ so I imagine that means we will not need to break down walls and re-carpet the basement,” Alex said.  He pulled the car into a rocked driveway, passing a freshly placed “For Sale” sign in the yard.

“What if the seller thinks people are just ready to move in anywhere though?” Orli asked.  She stared at a towering oak in the middle of the front yard and thought of it crashing into the attic.

“You worry too much,” Alex replied, “I’m sure the place is nice.  Look, there are columns at the entry way.  I don’t think our realtor would send us someplace that could be mistaken for a murder hut.”

The car stopped, dust flew up behind the tires and Alex and Orli exited.  They had scrimped and saved for years and were finally ready to buy a home of their own; a place to call theirs and join the mysterious world of home ownership.  It was nerve rattling and they had no idea what they were doing, but the adventure was thrilling.

They were coming to a recently listed property following an excited text message from their realtor the night before reading, “OMG! HUGE find!!, TMRW 2pm Chk Eml 4 deets.”  Orli read it and squealed.  She felt so grown up having a realtor text her.  Alex read the note and found the short-hand obnoxious, but bottled up his annoyance to not disturb his wife’s bubbly mood.

The realtor was already standing at the house’s doorway, smiling ear to ear and waving frantically as the couple stood beside the car.  “Right on time,” she shouted.  “Let’s get inside and see this place up close!”

“Does she ever not shout?” Alex whispered.  Orli dismissed the remark and made way for the house.

The home was indeed move in ready, to Alex’s relief.  Tables, art, chairs, polished hard wood floors, all ready to go with no work needed, there was hardly even a speck of dust to be seen. The floor boards did not even squeak underfoot.

Orli was momentarily speechless.  The house was an estate and it had to be theirs.  “Let’s check out the upstairs bedrooms,” she said, patting Alex’s shoulder twice and running off.

The bedrooms were immaculate.

“Any idea who lived her before?” Alex asked the realtor.

“The agent says the property was abandoned.  This is for sale by the bank so talk about a steal of a deal.  This place will go quick,” the realtor said. Alex was surprised there was no shouting.

“Is that a normal thing for this part of town?” Alex questioned.

“Well, no, it is a rather odd,” the realtor started her reply.

“This closet is full of capes.” Orli shouted from another bedroom.

“That is the weirdest sentence ever uttered.  Ever,” Alex said.  He joined Orli in the cape filled closet and raised his eyebrows.

“Those are superhero capes,” Alex uttered the second weirdest sentence ever uttered.  “How big is this closet?”

“Oh a light switch,” Orli said, “I’ve been looking at this.”

Orli flipped the switch.  No added light.  The floor of the closet rattled and split in two revealing a hidden, winding stair case and a well lit tunnel downward.  Red and blue lights lit each step and flicked on one after the other with loud thumps.

No one made a sound until the thumping on the stairs ended.  All three visitors stared down into the seemingly endless tunnel.

“Didn’t…didn’t Commander Splendor go missing a few months back?” Orli asked.

“Yeah, she did” Alex said.

“When was the home abandoned?” Orli asked.

“A few months back,” the realtor said.

“Are we buying Commander Splendor’s old house?” Orli asked.

“I think so,” Alex answered.

“I’ll start the paperwork,” the realtor said.  Alex did not even notice if she her words were shouted or not.



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