Stories Change

I think most parents have a certain image of their child’s story playing through their head. Little Billy will be a quarterback! Susie is going to Mars! That sort of thing. I certainly see some definite plot points in my kids’ futures. The oldest is going to get into plenty of trouble because of his stubbornness and he’s going to get out of a lot more trouble because he plays people like fiddles. These are two things that will happen. 

The toddler is a tank of a child. His first word was ball, he throws everything and eats like a linebacker. Until today, I thought for sure he was going to be our athlete in the house. Stories change pretty quick. 

This afternoon we did a bit of home reorganization so my wife’s craft table posed less of a hazard in the basement. To make way for it, we had to move the boys’ play kitchen. It is a heavy contraption of old oak and full of toys, books, gadgets and miscellaneous junk. Very tough to move on your own, but with two full grown adults it eventually budges against the carpet. 

The toddler watched me push my side and must have thought it to be the coolest thing ever because the moment the kitchen was in place he ran over to my spot and mimicked the process. He bent down to grab a shelf, grunted and shoved with all his might. He was so proud of himself and the laugh he got from it that he kept doing it. So I took a photo of the adorable 16 month old antics. 

The photo is found above. In the bottom right corner there is a motion blur of blue and white, matching his outfit today. 

He fell during the picture. 

He fell while standing still. There was no reason for him to fall. If there was an outside force, it was supernatural in origin because one moment he was upright and laughing the next, flailing and begging for answers. 

His story went from “how are we going to feed the team when they visit?” to “well, he’ll be an incredible cook” in the snap of a shutter. 

When he regained his footing he stared at the kitchen, reviewed his feet and asked for a cracker. It was pretty smooth. 


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