Real Neat Blog Award

Tab and Cam over at The Geek Couple nominated this blog for the Real Neat Blog Award which is…real neat.  I have to stop writing when tired.  Very kind of them, my ability to write or not.  The Geek Couple is certainly one of my favorite blogs on this whole wide internet thing, so please check them out.
Thanks Sass and Sauce!

Complete with real neat blog graphic!  I have no idea who originally made this, but they did well.

Part of the nomination thing is answering some questions from the nominator.  Side thought, if an award is taken away is that done by a denominator?  Divisive issue there.

So let’s do some questions!

  1. If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be and why?
    I want to answer with some sort of great literary figure or high-brow movie character.  I am going to show my geek side though, as my answer to this question is always Cyclops from the X-Men.  No good reason.  Probably just to ask a lot of “Dude, what’ were ya’ thinking?” questions.
  2. What the most memorable place you’ve ever traveled too?
    My wife and I traveled to England years ago.  Walked the Cotswolds with backpacks and stayed in houses older than the US.  It was a fantastic trip and we cannot wait to go back.  Of course, we can wait, but without exaggeration there’s no fun.
  3. What’s your favorite board/card/video game?
    My favorite board game is Agricola.  The depth is amazing, no two games are alike and if the player before you takes your action spot there’s a good ten minutes of “argh!” as you try to change the plan.
  4. Describe your perfect weekend?
    I like how the “perfect weekend” concept changes over time.  A decade ago, beers and concerts would have been the best weekend ever.  Today, playing with the kiddos and cooking a meal both of them will enjoy is a good weekend in my book.
  5. Why did you want to start blogging in the first place?
    I wrote a book (available here, free 🙂 ).  It could have been better (but, uh, download the free ebook).  I figured writing a blog every day would improve any future works.  I think it has made an impact on the quality of my writing.  If nothing else, I’m producing lots of stuff.  Quantity over quality is rule number one.  Wait a sec…


So there are my incredibly boring answers to good questions.  Big thanks again to The Geek Couple (click the link, their blog is wonderful).  It is nice to be recognized by peers in this blogging world we exist within.

The Real Neat Blog Award is, at its core, a fun networking tool so the final part of the process is to nominate other awesome blogs.  I am pretty terrible at actually connecting with others though.  Here are five amazing blogs you should check out because they are…wait for it… real neat.

1: LMNelsonsCorner

2: Girl at a Desk

3: Faramond Frie

4: First Time Dad

5: Footprints at the Crossroads

Here are five questions they can answer on their own site and then pass the award along, if so inclined.  No obligations, of course, but it sure is fun.

1: Books; hard cover, paperback or ebook?
2: Food; nachos, spaghetti or ramen?  (and yes, in my view those are the only food groups)
3: (Stealing this from Geek Couple) If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be and why?
4: What’s your favorite YouTube channel?
5: What is your favorite plot hole in a movie/book?


As it turns out, this is the second time I’ve been nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award.  Long ago Momof1and10 put a note on my About page.  I fell terrible, but February sucked and I forgot about it.  Please go check out her blog for great parenting posts.


Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Love your answers! I hope to use blogging as a way to improve writing as well. Hopefully I’ll have my very own self published book someday very soon.
    Cam loves Agricola. He thought I would too. We reviewed it. Turns out I’d rather be in the actual garden, but the two player version is decent. 😀


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