Bad Idea, Worse Idea. Adventures in Christmas Tree Prep

This entire Christmas season is happening earlier than usual. Wednesday we bought our tree. The four year old picked it out, gleefully said, “yippee tree!” And that was the last he spoke of it. 

Buying the tree earlier than it should have been meant we got to cut it off the bottom bit of trunk ourselves.   

Guess what doesn’t work for that task. If you guessed dulled blade of a hack saw, you are correct!  I don’t know if I have changed out the blade on this thing. The teeth are gone now and basically work about as well as dental floss wild have. At least with dental floss I would have get like a rogue spy. So the hack saw didn’t (oh, I was so happy when this fell into place) cut it.  

Tried a circular saw afterward. Did not take a picture. There should only be so much photographic evidence of dumb ideas. Finally, we wife said something about the portability of the miter saw. 

It worked! And it nearly fixed the circular saw problems. Nearly. 

So the tree was ready to go inside. 

When the four year old is excited about a certain type of tree, it is hard to say no. What should have been said was, ” this type of tree is as big as our front room and while mazes and parkour are fun, I don’t want to do either activity every time we go inside.”

It turned out to be a big tree. It was moved Thursday. 

Which turned out well. Decorations went on about as well as could be hoped for. 

Note the toddler holding the power strip for the lights. The oldest wanted a Spider-Man tree, so purple garland was tossed as a spider web. 

And topping it all off…  
Weeping angel tree topper! 


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