66 Batman and the Four Year Old

We watched Batman: The Movie with the four year old. The movie is amazing for all the right reasons, but it is from a generation of films the firstborn has no experience with. I barely have experience with 60s films, they must seem so alien to him. 

Right off the (ahem) bat, the kiddo was taken aback. Credits? At the opening of a film? He was sure the movie was over and he missed something important. From there things just went crazy. 

It is hard to explain one liners to the kid. When the famous “some days you just get rid of a bomb” line is uttered my wife and I could not help but break out into hysterical laughter. It is a very hard to translate why that is funny. 

Every Bat vehicle that appeared on screen was greeted with excitement by the four year old. “It’s the bat mobile, mommy!” was shouted often and never did the excitement wear down. For a 50 year old movie with cheesy costumes and illogical dialogue to keep a four year old interested, well, that’s the power of Batman. 

At the end of the movie the kiddo was leading for more.

 “Let’s watch the credits!” He asked. Catch was, credits already ran.
“We have to watch the thing after the credits,” he asked.

“What thing after the credits?” We asked. 

He replied with something like, ‘you know, the thing‘ and we did not get it for a moment. Then it clicked. He was waiting for another scene like Ferris Bueller or Avengers. 

Totally different generation of film. The movie ended with a cast list and a faded to black. No bonus scene here. He had no idea what to think. 


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