Wyatt Recounts a Terrible Day

“Some say the Devil himself walked the earth the day the ground cracked open and swallowed our homes.  I say that’s hogwash.  The Devil would not be so cruel.”

“Fire reached for the heavens, carrying with it boulders set ablaze and glowing with the light of a hundred suns.  The earth tore itself apart with a sound akin to cracking apart a turkey.  Sulfur and soot filled our lungs.  It was death come to life, if that can be such a thing.”

“The bedrock holding my town vanished after a rumble that knocked most of us to our feet.  Houses tumbled, stables collapsed.  Those were empty any way as the horses, cows, pigs and goats ran from their home hours before.  We should have heeded their example and fled to the forest too.  We did not know it then, but staying was arrogance.  Funny how arrogance becomes hubris when you’re found to be wrong.”

“There’s nothing left but burning pines and flickering flames from the ruin of what were once homes.  Homes with people that dreamed, hoped, and lived in a land most would call paradise.  Well, my friends, I am telling you paradise is a lie.”

The old man’s head made a slow crawl to the wooden bar he had been leaning against.  When his head had at long last found its destination, he was soon asleep.

Bar patrons could only stare at the silver haired storyteller.  They wanted the story to continue, but the pile of empty shot glasses around the sleeping man provided a fair indicator that no more of the tale would be heard this night.

One patron, long neck green glass bottle in hand, whispered to the bartender, “any idea what he was talking about?”

The bartender wiped clean a highball glass before replying, “That’s Wyatt.  He watches too many of those Discovery Channel disaster shows.  Pretty sure this was actually about Pompeii, but the pigs are throwing me off.”

“There was a Yellowstone Super Volcano show on earlier,” someone shouted from the pool table.

“Thanks, Mikey!” The bartender shouted back.  He turned to the beer drinker, “so, yeah, he saw something about a Super Volcano and this was his dramatic reinterpretation of the show.  You should come by after a mermaid special.  Those get freaky.”


Thanks for reading!
I like to think Wyatt sounds like Sam Elliott.  Wicked awesome ‘stache and all.


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