What Can You Do to Help Your Favorite Indie Writer This Holiday Season?

Holidays are coming up and if there’s one thing these chilly months are about it is helping each other out.  Shoveling neighbors walks, finding the perfect gift, figuring out what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner, donating to charities; it is a season about others and that is pretty awesome.

I do not know much about many things, but I do know indie writers.  So, if you have an indie writer in your life and you are looking for ways to help them out this holiday season here’s a handy guide.

Ways you can help your favorite indie author this holiday season:

Number One

Be a reader! Readers are an authors life blood (and much more healthy than sugary coffee that makes up the blood actually in the veins).  I love selling a book.  Seeing a little bump in the dashboard at KDP is really exciting stuff.  What I love more than selling a book is seeing a blog comment, or seeing a post really take off.

Most indie authors will have a blog/twitter/facebook/pinterest/livejournal/smoke signal tower/email/website for readers to connect with.  Authors want to be read, want their arrangement of words seen by someone and it really easy to follow an author’s site or social media platforms.  Subscribing to a writer’s stuff (or ‘platform’ for marketing speak) is a tremendously easy way to help out this holiday season.  With so many options available you can meet an author on the system your prefer.

You can follow this blog on Facebook by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/writershawncowling and clicking ‘like’, through email by inputting your address at right, or hitting subscribe if you’re a WordPress user.  It is super easy and it can be done with your favorite author too.

It helps keep reader and writer connected which is super fun.  That’s well beyond regular fun.  And following an author lets you in on the madness.  Bonus! You get access.  Whenever I launch a book it is free for its first week.  Easiest way to know when a book is coming out? Follow the author.  Most author sites are way more focused than this one, so find your favorite author online and see what they’re up to.  It means a super bunch to them.  That’s well beyond a regular bunch.

Number Two

Be an ambassador!  I apologize for the marketing speak, but it really is a good word for this.  Indie writers do not have the reach of big time authors, but they have access to one of the most valuable resources around; you.  You are the best advertising/marketing/commercial any one could ever hope for.  You like reading your favorite indie author and hobbies are always better with friends.  Take a step and share your author with your friends.

For my site, most of the traffic comes from Facebook.  A ‘like’ or a ‘share’ there results in 15 to 20 views for my blog.  So if you ever wonder if your Facebook friends are checking out what you are sharing.  Yes they are.  My goodness are they.  The click rate probably sky rockets for writers with larger audiences.  The clicks help, views help, and visitation helps.  Everything helps! It’s awesome.

During book promotions, that extends to 30 downloads per ‘like’.  That is incredibly helpful to an indie writer.  And more than anything it means a lot.  There is so much to do, so much to see, for any one person to take an hour or two out of their day and read one of my books? Holy cow that is awesome.

Sharing is caring.  I have an “organic reach” of about 500 real people on the internet.  If someone likes a post and shares it, that doubles the reach.  Then they’ll tell to friends, and they’ll tell two friends and so on and so on (I know this as a Wayne’s World reference, anybody know the origin?)  If you think spending time with your favorite author is worthwhile, tell your buddies.  They trust your opinion and you get to be an awesome trendsetter.  Go you.


Number Three

Be a buyer! Writers are ultimately selling stuff.  I have a few books on Amazon that are cheap and quick (as well as my first and free book, and donations for Wren which benefit me and Jukepop alike).  This is pretty normal for the indie author crowd.  They want to give you all the stories, but there are bills to pay.  I will never make a living off books, but every purchase matters.  It helps sales ranks, which gather attention which brings in more audience, more opportunities.

The first two steps are really good for helping an author’s ego and reach, but this step helps buy the coffee.  Buy something from your favorite indie writer this holiday season if you can.  Dollar cheeseburger and a dollar book is an awesome way to spend a holiday shopping spree lunch hour.


There you have it, three easy ways to help out an indie writer this holiday season.

Have another way to help out? Want to recommend your favorite indie writer’s site? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!




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