Vacation All I Ever Wanted

In late August I got a call from my boss saying I had a ton of vacation time that needed to be used by the end of the year. Always a good problem to have. With no reunions, surgeries, road trips or other sort of obligation filling up Q4, this was going to be my first vacation time since the second kiddo was born that was totally mine to use as I wanted. Awesome! Perfect time to pay some pros and have the house’s hardwood floors refinished while my family spends a few days with my in-laws. 

We’ve spent the last few days emptying the bedrooms, living room and dining room so the professionals can walk right in and do whatever it is they do. Nothing like moving heavy furniture to make a vacation totally worthwhile. 

The rest of the week my boys are out of daycare, so we are hitting museums and zoos and playgrounds galore. Blogging will be done by phone and not spellchecked. Living on the edge! 

The firstborn is over excited to be spending time with his grandparents and sleeping at their house. Their house means cake after dinner and extra movie time. The toddler is still not adjusted to daylight savings time, but if that happens while we are at the grandparents’ home he will be quite excited and not always tired. 

Anyway, plenty of fun ahead. And caffeine. Come Friday I’m likely to have a “I need a vacation from this vacation” coffee mug. ‘Cause it just isn’t a vacation unless something kitschy is involved. 


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