We Inadvertently Started Christmas Preparations and I’m Totally Fine With That

Discounts and a plan for a Doctor Who themed Christmas tree came to a head today. November One. One day after Halloween. I never wanted to be “those people”, but now it is time to face that truth.  

Behold! A Weepeing Angel tree topper! From a 10 dollar traditional angel topper and an entire can of stone textured spray paint. Soooo much paint. 

 So what lesson did we teach our sons today? That once something is over there is neither time nor reason to reflect on the event? That Thanksgiving matters not? What sort of emotional trauma shall they inevitably deal with by spending November 1 thinking of Christmas? (And dealing with a mouse problem, but that ended gross and quick). 


Did they learn that hot glue will bind plastic to plastic pretty well and paint will sea it even further?

Did they learn to use spray paint outdoors away from anything of importance? Did they learn the power of proper ventilation?  Did they learn that making our own decorative material is rewarding, fun and financially sound? (We saw these for $70 online! This cost $20). 

Did they learn to rake leaves? Nope. 


They learned the most important lesson of all: don’t blink.  


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