Everything Takes a Bit Longer With Kids Around

There has been one consistent lesson learned in my few years of parenthood; everything is just a little more difficult with kids around.

Case in point; raking leaves:

You know what would have made this job easier? Leaf piles not being so much dang fun.

Example two; cleaning up the garage following an unexpected gust of wind.

You know what would have made this easier? Piles of debris not being so dang much fun.

Things take longer with kiddos around.

Making Halloween decorations:

That’s not even my kid.  But when world’s most adorable monster kid wants to run with the project piece because it is much more fun than completing the decoration, by golly he’s going to run with it.

Most things take longer with kiddos running around.  But really that’s a matter of perspective.  My old, jaded mind does not see a treasure hidden beneath the pile of leaves.  It sees a mess.  My idea of fun is not quite in line with smashing on piles of grass.  The process stopped being the fun part at some point, at that sucks.

The process should include play and laughter, not just ticking off little check boxes.  Thanks to these kids, it is getting a little easier to see the winding path to the end goal.  Of course, there are times when taking the meandering walk to completing a chore (like picking up messes) is truly annoying and things like the Mess Fairy have to created.  The kids certainly need to learn that doing what is asked of them in a timely manner is important as well.  There’s something to pausing too though.

Pause to make the perfect leaf pile.  Pause to let the kid giggle as he runs off with the project (seriously, this kid is over-the-edge cute).  Pause to let the toddler learn what happens when a quickly moving foot comes down atop grass and leaves.  It’s how they learn and adults get the chance to relearn that fun is easy to find.  We don’t have to be pressing B on an Xbox controller or quoting Star Wars to have a good time, we just need to be able to laugh.

So things are more difficult to get done with kids around, for all the right reasons.



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