Need a Spooky Halloween Tale?


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Quick synopsis:

The Fletchers and The Eastmans have a troubled past, one filled with bloodshed and misery. To end the bloody feud, elders from both families placed a curse on their clans. Roan is home on a break from school, enjoying sodas with his cousin, the legendary curse is put to the test. A bar room brawl and a broken nose result in the awakening of creature most foul.
Roan is soon in a race against time to end the menace that his ancestors summoned. With family at his side, he hopes to bring an end to the curse and his family’s brutal legacy.


I am far too long winded to write a good summary, but that’s….that’s something.


The book is free today, October, 29, all the way through Halloween.

Review calls it a “fun read.”  ReviewS may call it both fun and readable despite the coffee induced ravings.

Happy Halloween!


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