Balloon Goon Halloween

The first born loves The Notebook of Doom series. We are run through three of the series. His book copies are starting to bend and have little dents all over the place; they are amazing.

As the books are spooky stories for the elementary school crowd, they fit Halloween just fine. So we now have the series’ first baddies as yard decoration to ward off evil spirits and cause neighbors to say, “why are there malicious car lot wavy arm things in their front yard?” Truly, the best Halloween ever.

The oldest doing his impression of the Balloon Goons.


These look amazing!  If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that if it looks amazing my wife made it.  It looks like it gets the job done, I made it (also read, ‘oh, at least you tried,’) So here’s the process in reverse.  Because Balloon Goons need to be everywhere.

The final product.

They are creepier without pupils.  Note the blue guy.  The original plan was to have this goon bend a little.  Not an easy thing to do and now he just likes he has a lumpectomy scar, which is pretty cool.  We learned that concrete form tubes are really meant to keep their original direction.

Little paint help.  My used rollers to cover the area quickly.  I would not have been so smart.


The bones of the decorations are quick-tubes, generally used for setting concrete for fence posts or the like.  The arms are made of self-sealing pipe insulation.  Which we picked up to make chains (for like $1.50, this stuff is awesome).  Total cost of the project was maybe $6.  Halloween on an amateur author’s pay whaaaaat.

We didn’t stop there though.  There are so many wonderful bad guys in the Notebook of Doom series.

My brother helped turn beat up old cardboard boxes into Shadow Smashers

We even have a Bumpy Mummy!  Bubble wrap covering a plastic skeleton (though the plastic modifier feels unnecessary now).  Held together by rubber bands, duct tape and a dowel up the spine.

 Which I made and it shows.

So that’s our Halloween decor.  The scariest stuff my oldest kid knows, but knows he can defeat.  Not with weaponry, either.  The books are all about friendship and overcoming bad situations with intelligence and teamwork.  Like Doctor Who for the elementary crowd.  Check out the books, the series is really quite amazing and kiddos respond so very well.

Happy Halloween!


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