The Roommates and The Exterminator

“Thirst.  That is was drive us, is it not? Thirst for water, thirst for freedom, thirst for fun and joy and all the wonders of this world? Thirst for these creatures now is but one thing.  To see the sun, to feel the cool autumn air one last time.  They thirst for nature as it calls them home, softly whispering their name, ‘mouse, mouse, come to me.'”

Deacon and Danny watched the haz-mat suit clad guest wander their garage, pumping chemicals from a bottle marked simply with a skull and cross bones.

“Dude, our exterminator is crazy,” Deacon whispered.

Danny slapped his roommate’s arm, “I was literally just about to say that!” He was less quiet.

“Is it too late for live traps? Danny asked.

“Well, I’m not about to ask,” Deacon said.

“We can still swap to live traps if you wish,” the exterminator said.

The roommates joined together in a chorus of “ahhh!”

“I have ears like a fox.  Pest control is truly my calling.”  The exterminator said with a smile.

“I apologize for our demeanor, that was totally out-,” Deacon was cut off.

The exterminator held up a hand, “don’t worry about it.  I’m crazy like one too.  Live traps it is!”



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Good night everybody!



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