Carol was Always the Impulsive One

“Have you thought this through?” Martha asked.

“No, don’t be nice with the questions,” Jade  interrupted, “what in the world were you thinking?”

Carol did not understand the line of questioning. Her look of total confusion was not lost on her streets a few feet below. 

“Carol, honey , we love you and are so proud of your good fortune, but I am concerned this was all done on impulse,” Martha informed her youngest sibling as nicely as possible. 

Jade had not lowered her eyebrows since arriving in response to Carol’s “come see what I got!!!!” text. She was sure any one passing by could see steam rolling out of her face. Carol had done some dumb stuff before, but this…this was next level. 

“I bought a boat, guys! Think of the adventures we can have!” Carol, ever chipper, explained to her sisters.  

Jade bit her lip and held her arms out, gesturing wildly to point out the landscape. 

“Intentions are nice,” Martha said, looking up at Carol holding the helm and proudly displaying her new trucker hat that read ‘Cap’n’, “but did you consider the expense of boat ownership? Upkeep? Crew? Gas? Food?”

“The boat gal said docks handle all of that,” Carol said. 

“Did the boat gal mention we are land locked? And in a desert. The nearest lake is ten hours away and four feet deep,” Jade said. 

Cactus and yucca were the two prominent features of Carol’s yard before a twenty foot boat was parked on it. 

“She said ‘with this baby, the water finds you,'” Carol said. 

Martha and Jade exchanged a glance that ended with Jade’s hands in the air in an obvious show of feeling completely, utterly defeated. 

“Carol, come on down here honey, we’re going to call your boat gal and a tow truck.  Then we’re chatting about how these decisions should be a group effort from here on out,” Martha explained next steps.

Carol pondered her sisters words before ultimately stepping down from the boat. 

“Fine, the boat can go back,” Carol said, “but we are going on a cruise.”

“Yeah, well, first things first, ok?” Martha patted her sister on the shoulder. Carol understood a cruise was not very likely. 


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