Books, Drums, and a Big Brother

For nearly a whole year now a drum set has occupied our basement. The firstborn is getting pretty good. Drum rolls and dramatic cymbal crashes are his forte and he even learned to make puns thanks to these. His first pun ever was him calling me over to the drum set and as he hit the bass pedal he informed me was, “all about the bass, the bass.”  It was a proud moment. 
So nearly a year into frequent drumming, the now mobile and parrot like toddler is getting in on the act too. He’s a snare drum fan so far. More than anything though he is a fan of doing an approximation of whatever his brother is doing. 

Alongside drumming, the boys love books. The firstborn devours books. As soon as he meets a character he incorporates it into his imaginative play. Like a sponge that kid. 

The toddler doesn’t quite get what books are just yet, but loves that his brother loves books. In keeping with his habit of brotherly imitation, he loves holding books and is growing to be a fan of the first page of some board books. 

The game he plays is to pick a book off a shelf, take it to an adult, say, “buu” (his attempt at book), wait for the adult to sit crossed legged on the floor, hand the book over, sit in the adults lap, pull the book in front of him, wait for the cover to be opened, wait for a word to be uttered and then forcefully close the book get out of the adult’s lap and run to find another book. This will happen until he tired of the game and never before. A nice stack of books piles up next to the adult. It really combines his favorite activities; doing stuff his brother does and making messes. 

The toddler is certainly developing his own quirks and personality, but big brother’s influence is unmistakable. 


The proof is in the 16 month old’s plant battling prowess. Without the firstborn’s guidance, this sapling may have doomed the whole house. 

Hopefully the interest in everything being a sword won’t be passed over. Who am I kidding though? 


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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