Music to Write By

I have two book projects in the work at the moment.  First up is the next People on the Highway installment?  Volume?  Every word I can think of is just dripping in pretentiousness.  The next People on the Highway book.  Less awful sounding, we’ll go with that.

The second is the final bits of a still nameless steampunk book that started off on the website but will finish in book format because, reasons.  I don’t even know.  You can read about the Alchemist, Academic, Musketeer and Instigator by clicking here. It is a fun story drawing from events of the American Revolution and warping them into a steampunk continental revolution centered around four unnamed heroes with a meta message that even the nameless can change the world, blah blah blah.  Tesla coils and magic abound, super fun to write.

Currently, I’m double checking spelling, finding better words, making the stories not sound like an hour of work by a disheveled hermit who just figured out squirrel meat is really good with a little added salt; you know, the whole editing process thing.  Always a good time.

Thanks in part to my profound fear of silence, I write with music on in the background.  For the purposes of these two books, I need a little help keeping me in a certain mindset.  Hyper-political for the steampunk thing and hyper, I don’t know, “bardy (?)” for People on the Highway.  Now we’re back to pretentious words.

So I have this playlist to keep the silence away.  Lots of loud political punk rock and well crafted, loud stories by some of my favorites.  Loud. Fast.  Well crafted tales.  Loud (again, cannot overstate the point). Most of the bands present I have been listening to for a very long time.  I discovered recently that with the kiddos around my new music exposure is limited to songs about how amazing pizza is, but you need to eat veggies too.  Or proper playground behavior.  Or the alphabet.  Suffice to say, I’m a bit out of the loop for new music discovery.  Please send your suggestions for good writing tunes my way.  Please.  Keep the silence away.  Unless your band of choice is called The Silence, in which case bring it on!  Unless it’s the Doctor Who baddies…oh goodness we’ve made it down a rabbit hole now.

Thanks for joining my editing procrastination!

(Lots of not nice words, sorry).



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