More Awesome Frames

Kids need art. Be it music, paint, words, dance, interpretive eye movements; kids need art. And they need to see art being made.

My wife finished up the last of the picture frames for some amazing pieces from artist Kevin Eslinger. Neat prints need a neat home and my wife delivered in an awesome way.

Here’s the toddler saying, “dude, that’s sick!” because I failed him at some point.
Another old frame, repainted black and the mat background transformed by molten crayons. The “phone booth” is by the amazing artist Kevin Eslinger, find his work here:  (yes, mentioned twice in one article because you need to click there).

Color is not my thing. I can’t match socks, let alone color schemes. Seeing my wife put these projects together with little more than a quick eye brow tilt and a finger snap was really quite impressive.  And she put it all together with the kids running around her in the garage.

I want my kids to see art being made because it is so very human. No machine could do this. No fish could write Back to the Future (the truest of art despite the weird analogy). We spend enough time with machines and glowing rectangles, seeing what we are capable of accomplishing through these analog mediums is crucial to becoming good at this being human thing.

So my kids got to see the frames together.  They saw what a little work and a little time could result in.  They got to see their mom be a friggin’ awesome artist in making a suitable home for a cool painting that is not technically a nerd icon.

See how the melted crayon mats come together by clicking this link:


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