Obligatory Pumpkin Patch Post


Pumpkin Patch day has come and now we are in full on Halloween fever.  The pumpkins were plentiful, but not so match ‘patchy’.  The real draw of this particular field of seasonal gourd goodies was far beyond pumpkins.

Upon entry the pumpkin patch was more of an amusement park than the traditional row after row of orange balls.  Above we have the four year old trying to make sure the cars were not in fact sentient.  There was some apprehension at first, but soon once he was certain he would not have to contend with a living vehicle he was quite pleased to see the entire cast of Cars cars brought to life.  I am pretty sure he wanted to make sure they were not alive so he would not feel bad sitting in them.  There was even an old crop duster refitted to look like the main character of Plains.  I have seen that film three or four times and have no idea who the main character is, but the four year old was quite pleased to see it.

This is the one photo I have of the toddler.  Between the Cars car the Planes plane, giant dung beetles, oil rig life boats, more planes, live chickens and more tractors than any one argi-tainment location should have access to, the four year old was in full on over-stimulated mode.  He ran from spot to spot, never staying long enough to actually see something or play.  I chased him from spot to spot while the toddler was with his mom, presumably pointing at things at saying “mine” for an hour.

The amusement park side of the pumpkin patch had a certain “Hills Have Eyes” vibe to it.  I admire the ingenuity and business acumen of the farmers running the place, but the whole thing made me think a traveling nurse with a good stock of tetanus boosters would make a killing if they just waited around for kids to step through Lightning McQueen’s head of get caught on one of the creaking swings.  There was a “ball pit” of sorts.  The four year old stepped in went, “I…I don’t like this” and left.  The “balls” were chopped up old Crocs.  The area the bits of old Croc shoes took up easily matched that of my house and was about four feet deep.  That’s a lot of old, sweaty shoes for kids to be   bouncing on.  Super gross.

I think next year we’ll head to a more pumpkin focused spot if for no other reason than the four year and I both burned a thousand calories running through model planes and other toys.  It’s just a little much for an early autumn Sunday morning.  By the time we left I was not even sure we picked up pumpkins it had become such a secondary focus.  But, the kiddos had fun and were incredibly well mannered for being tired and hungry when we left.

I couldn’t help but think this could have been painted with literally any other airline’s name too…



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