Steampunk Weekend DIY

October! Yippee!  Halloween is approaching all to quickly.  Time to think about decorations, costumes, spooky stories and creating a general ambiance of awesome.  In this installment of Steampunk Weekend DIY, we have some mechanical invites to tell folks about the approaching Halloween party; new uses for old wood ladders (nothing spookier than rustic tools), magical skull pendants and sky pirate gloves to complete the ensemble.

Happy weekend!

Magical Skull Pendants

I like that Halloween can make anything kinda’ cute.  This tutorial has plenty of pictures and descriptions on putting together a quick, easy and fun project.

Overhead Wood Ladder Thing

The Walking Dead’s previous season just hit Netflix.  I’ve been binge watching.  Hanging racks are creeping me out right now.  I wound up on a page with a bunch of ladder projects (because…internet?) and spent most of the time just saying, “ew.”  Then this project showed up and I said, “well, there’s a bit of a post-apocalypse charm to this one.”  The tutorial has a bunch of really good ideas on to secure this safely above a table where children will eat.

pottery barn ladder lantern DIY

Sky Pirate Gloves

Complete with a list of materials and process.  Fun way to spend a couple of hours.

Steampunk Sky Pirate Gloves by kyphoscoliosis

Iris Cards

That’s a working iris in the middle of that tentacle invite card.  Click the picture.

January 2012 065.jpg


Comments welcome!

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