Hashtag Viewership

“Do people ever actually use the suggested hashtags?” He asked.

“You tweeted #Cliffhanger to support that show that’s not coming back next season.  That was just last night,” she replied, not looking up from her phone.

“That’s different though.  That show needs support.  Everyone watches this show.  Why do they need a hashtag all their own?” He was just not getting it.

“It’s community.  The internet made it so we can find dweebs just like us really, really quick,” she said as she hit the ‘share’ button.

“Did you really just say, ‘#VindowViper ’cause the BF is annoying’?” He could not believe what he was reading.

“And I already twenty favs and thirty likes,” she taunted.

“Is anybody actually watching the show or just talking about it?” He was losing patience.

“I don’t think we are in any place to judge,” she switched from her social media aggregate app to a puzzle game.

“I’ll just catch the highlights in gif form tomorrow,” he said.

“Wait, wait, wait, what just happened?” She said in such rapid fashion he could barely hear her.

“My feeds are blowing up! Rewind the show!” He did not realize he was shouting.

They both looked to the television.  It was off.  The familiar glow had gone and there was no sound.  They had not even noticed.

“Well, maybe we’ll just catch it on demand tomorrow?” She said, unsure of what her next 144 characters should read.

“Yeah.  Yeah.  Better late than never,” he said turning back to his phone.


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