Lunch Break Project Two!

My wife had the brilliant idea of making our garage more user friendly. Part of the plan was to build a real workshop space. It is crazy fun, but now it is really easy to just do a project.  That means I want to do more projects. Now instead of lugging tools outside or into the driveway to do work, we have a nice little bench and designated work area to make messes.

And boy howdy can I make a mess. Today’s project (instead of dishes, writing, or mowing the yard because procrastinating is fun!) was a set of colorful domino blocks for a pathway making game for the kiddos. 

It all begins with lugging the miter saw into position.  

Then forgetting to take progress pictures because that blade spins really fast and creates a ton of dust.  I used scrap two by fours to make the dominoes.  Part of the fun of completing a lunch hour project is having “not enough time” as a good excuse to be perfectly happy with completely amateur work.

The boards were ripped down to maybe half inch thick  chunks and then I sanded the corners off.  The sanding took the longest amount of time.  While I am happy in the amateur nature of the project, I don’t like the kids to get splinters or attack eachother with sharp corners.  Safety is not the main motivator here, avoiding co-pays is the main motivator here.

Sanding done, I had to think of what to paint the blocks with.  I thought about using real paint; pulling out brushes and whatnot.  I opted against.  I am terrible with real paint.  Not much better with spray paint, but it is much quicker.  So I grabbed four cans of different spray paint and marked an approximate “half” of each block.

It went about as well as expected.  The red can ran out though.  Sharpie to the rescue!  You know, in keeping with the rush project aesthetic.

Sharpie is like the duct tape of art projects.

Guess where the Sharpie was used.

My oldest loves knights and castles and dragons and all the fanstastical fun of medieval lore. With that in mind, I set out to make the game’s premise creating a path to the castle.  Simple, easy, and thematic enough to be fun.

I kept the end bit of one of the two by fours to draw a castle on.  I am hoping his mom will take on final draft duties.

Thank goodness kids have wildly vivid imaginations.

The goal of the game is to create a pathway for the knight to travel to the castle.  The castle block is set on one of the table and the starting block at the other.  The players will take turns connecting like colors on tiles until the road hits the castle.

Some paths will be better than others and the knight may have to back track around a bit.  I plan on making dice at some point so the knight has to battle a dragon or evil wizard or two on his way home.  Hero’s Journey can’t be too easy, right?

It is fast paced, easy and simple.  Good dinner time adventure.  Of course if the game is played at dinner time, the rule will have to be “take a bite of dinner then play a tile.”  Kids and food, man.

Adventures at the table await!


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