Melted Crayon Picture Background

I have a word for when my wife takes on a new project. That word is “new favorite thing.” Which is a phrase. I am not really good at this whole thing.

Her project of the evening was taking some old picture frames and making them useful again. It all started with some crayons.

The frames came with oversized white board to, well, frame the included picture. Hotel art came with them and I don’t know if we ever actually replaced it, but the frames hanged, hotel art and all, in our house for years before we both actually took the time to look at the art. Then the came down and we had some picture frames for use one day.

“One day” arrived after Denver Comic Con gave us a fantastic nerdy art haul. Then “one day” got pushed to today because kids take up a surprising amount of time.

Crayons for this project were selected to match the piece that would be framed. My wife picked the crayons as I would have come back with a box of purple crayons and called it good.

Crayons selected and ready to go, the plan she found stated to glue the crayons to the mat.

This does not work. Maybe with hot glue that costs more than a dollar for four hundred rods, but I don’t want that glue in my house (count it! The most ridiculous statement I have written yet).

Tape was employed to keep the crayons in place. Which works until the adhesive is melted away.

The solution wound up being squeezing the crayons between two pieces of thin wood in grips. It was super effective!

The secret then was to take the blow dryer and point it down on the crayons. The melt starts slow and mighty unevenly. Apparently the white crayons were the most problematic through the process, the wrappers were difficult to takeoff, she used a razor blade to slice the wrappers off quickly, and the crayons melted the slowest of all colors. I would take the time to figure out why the crayons melt slower, but that sounds seriously boring.

While the crayons started to melt, the boys decides to “help” with the project.

The frame never stood a chance. Lessons learned tonight were to keep crucial pieces out of arms reach and to have sidewalk chalk at the ready. When mom is playing with crayons, the toddler is playing with crayons. Sidewalk chalk kept him amused and not holding melting crayons.
When the crayons start melting they need a minute to get going, but then they explode thankfully not literally.

A little literally. There was quite a mess of unpredictable wax droppings (hehe) caused by the wind of the blow dryer.

There is a certain beauty in melting crayons and just letting the wax take its own path. Uncontrolled art, just putting the pieces in place and seeing what happens. It is awesome stuff. I love what she was able to create for the piece.

And here it is the final result with the intended art.

And a little closer.

The painting is by artist Kevin Eslinger.  He does gorgeous paintings of pop/geek/lit icons (and creepy Oompa Loompas). The oldest saw the painting at Comic Con, shouted “Luke!” and a print came home with us. Now it is well framed and on a wall in his room.  Art for the win!


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