Wade Walks

Wade walked wherever he needed to go.  Every car he had ever driven failed on him.  Mechanics could not believe the poor kid’s luck in having so many computers fail.  So he gave up cars and started walking.  He loved walking at night most of all.  Cool air, quiet roads, and flickering street lights.  Every street light he passed flickered in fact.  He did not notice it until bulbs started popping above his head.  He thought it odd, but it motivating him to take up jogging.  Like any good human being, he hated jogging, but suffered through it.

At school he could escape his misfortunes either.  Whenever he typed a paper he learned to save his work more often than ‘regularly’ else his computer would freeze and make a loud whirring sound.  He was not allowed to touch the cash registers at work; the till often refused to open.

Despite his bad luck around anything conducting electricity, Wade had plenty of friends filling his life.  Work friends, school friends, neighborhood friends; every where Wade went he could find someone to share a joke with.

He counted himself lucky to have such friends, even if he could not keep a smartphone working.  He chalked it all up to one big, electro-magnetic personality.


ba dum tiss.

It’s so late.  Good night folks!


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