Now In Stereo

There are a number of ways I should spend my lunch hour.  Could clean the house.  Do the dishes.  Vacuum, I guess?  I did none of that last week.  Instead, I made this:

ShawnWritesStuff In Podcast Form!

My big regret is not calling it ShawnSaysStuff.

I know what you’re thinking:  first, this guy writes down stuff and makes me read it.  Now his ego has inflated so much that he wants us to listen to his soothing voice read funny stories while I commute to or from work?

My answer is yes.  My ego knows no bounds.

So if you’re going through the “at work after a three day weekend” blues, click above and give it a listen.  You can also listen to it right from ITunes by clicking here:

This first pilot episode includes stories Cooper Held His Tongue, Trin Made a Mistake and Brodie and the Burglar.

I hope you like it.  Or at least find it not horrid.

Here’s the direct RSS link should you wish to subscribe outside of ITunes format:

Click the link up top, or the iTunes one or this one: 


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