Dad, I Have Four Life Lessons For You

The drive home from the in-laws means the car is full of very tired, very sugared up little people. This evening my wife drove us and I sat passenger side with little idea of what responsibilities that seat came with. 

As a result of my confusion and a lull in the radio, I decided the opportunity to talk to my kids about the world could not be lost. I leaned back and told them I had two lessons for them. One, the world is full of joy and happiness even if it takes some work to find it. Two, their mother is the smartest person alive and she is to be listened to at all times. I was kissing up like a pro and the kids looked to be taking the advice to heart. Well, the toddler looked like he just wanted me to stop talking and let him sleep, but behind those tired, pink eyes riddled eyes (it was a long day), he was listening. 

The firstborn has a habit of taking whatever an adult says and replicating the statement in four year old form. I finished my life lessons, my wife laughed, and then the firstborn wanted his turn. 

“Dad, I have four life lessons I want to share to you,” he said. 

“Four life lessons?” I asked. “Well, what are they?”

He gave the following list:

One, we have to be nice. Always.

Two, we have to pay attention. 

Three, we have to go bed. 

Four, we have to read books. 

He included hand gestures and emphasized ‘have to’ with beach lesson. 

As far as important information goes, this list covers all my big points. There’s little more important than being nice to others and paying attention. After all if you don’t stop to look around, you might miss something. We have to read books are else what’s the point of any of this civilization stuff? And by golly do we have to go bed. Days are long. 

There are some moments that are just supremely wonderful and this was certainly one of those. Four simple and plain lessons on leading a good life from a kid coming down off a cake and ice cream sugar high. Wonderful night. 


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