Spoons are Tough

The toddler has watched his older brother use a fork and spoon for every fork/spoon appropriate meal. As the toddler wants nothing more than to be a younger version of the firstborn, he insists on using a spoon of his own at meals now. Combined with toddler stubbornness, he will not let us help in the eating process. 

I forgot how messy and gross spoon training was. And how bad a decision it is to feed rice to the trainee. 

The toddler has a fun new habit at the dinner table. When he’s done eating (whatever does make it to his mouth), he does what he brother does and clears his plate from the table. While the firstborn takes his dish to the sink, the toddler is more primal about the whole thing. 


He throws his plate to the floor. 

It wouldn’t hurt so much, but he looks me straight in the eyes when doing it. If he could speak he’d be saying, “pick it up, doofus.” It really hurts the ego to be intimidated by a toddler, but he’s well aware he’s in charge. 

Lots of sweeping. Lots of scrubbing. One day he’ll get the hang of forks. One day he might not be a total butthead and the plate will stay on the table. One day…one day.  


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