No Kidding

Last night my wife and I, alongside my parents and brother, attended Book of Mormon. The show was awesome. Completely offensive and humorous in all the best ways. 

Better than the show itself though; the audience. It has been some time since I’ve attended any sort of mass public gathering, so it was really a fun people watching event. 

I was unaware that the custom when first taking one’s seat had switched from awkwardly flip through the playbill until the pit started playing to sit down, check your hair, lean into the person next to you, snap a selfie and then let Twiiter and Facebook know that you are about to do something!  Then sit and awkwardly flip through the playbill until the pit starts playing. 

It was amusing beyond words. Every single duo taking their seats did this. Watching the photo editing, the “do you like this one?” chats, the intermission “like” checks. All of it terrific fun. 

For the first night without kiddos since the toddler came along, it was wonderful. The show was a display of talent and training and dedication to being good at something and the audience provided enough short story fodder for months. Wonderful night. 


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