Steampunk Weekend DIY

This weekend, my wife and I are joining a rather large swath of my family to see Book of Mormon.  Really looking forward to it.  Spending the morning working on garage renovation stuff, spending the afternoon buying a tie (despite being a thirty year old guy I have not purchased a new tie since college) and then we’re off to the theater.

While the show is rumored to be incredibly fun and amusing and totally worth our time, there is one reason above all others I am excited to see it.  We won’t be coming home until well beyond midnight.  The kids are staying with my in-laws and my wife and I get some kid free time.  But it is not the kid free time that is most exciting.  If something truly tragic happens to my wife and I on our way home from the theater?  That just puts one of my kiddos closer to being Batman.  I don’t know if this chance will ever happen again, so fingers crossed?

This week’s projects include a fancy crystal radio, plastic drawers redone, neat jars and a plasma light pocket watch.

Crystal Radio 

This is an incredibly interesting article on how to build a crystal radio and how they work.  I am blown away by the ease of the project and the simple complexity of the science.  Yep.  I’m keeping that wording

Finally make those old dorm room plastic drawers look awesome!

Check this out!  The intricacy, the care, the fun!  It’s all here.  And it used to be cheap shelving.  Click the picture for an amazing little guide on how to bring this into your home.

Tinted Jars!

It seems colored glass jars are really expensive.  Who needs them beyond Halloween anyway?  This is a fun project and totally kid friendly (provided the kids don’t drop the jars).



All bold caps means it must be fun right?  It’s pretty late.


Happy weekend everybody!


Comments welcome!

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