A Little Victory

This time of year I spend my days mostly being yelled at by people that have no business operating computers.  Hundreds of people that have no business operating their computers.  Makes for long days.  And still keeping to one cup of coffee a day, they are long, tiring days.  Not a lot of celebration going on Monday to Friday.  Today though, today had a moment.

My sons have been at their current day care for nearly two months now.  It is a nice little compound (correct word) with plenty of playgrounds and trees and even a garden for the kids to work with.  It’s really nice.  The parking lot and I have had some trouble though.

Every morning for weeks now I have been parking in the lot and landing the passenger side wheels just slightly over the little white line marking the space.  Every morning for weeks now I’ve looked at the awful parking job and muttered a curse.  I’ve been working really hard on not parking like an entitled numb skull.  It’s not like my car is even worth protecting from paint scratches or door dings; I’m just really bad at parking in this lot.

Morning after morning I have tried to correct the poor parking job and have made no progress.  Wider swings, checking mirrors, creating reference points against the building; nothing was helping.  It had become such a common occurrence that the firstborn would ask, “did you miss again, dad?”

I can only sigh and say, “yeah, bud, we’ll try again tomorrow though!”

It was probably a really good way to show the firstborn how to deal with failure.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  He pays attention to such weird things these days there’s no telling what he’s absorbing and what he’s just tossing aside.

This morning we tried again.

This morning the car landed perfectly between the lines.  Equidistant from door to line on both sides.  When the kiddo asked if the car missed again, I replied with my most triumphant ‘nope’ ever.  Good way to start the day.

A little victory, but by golly was it awesome.


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