Steampunk Weekend DIY

With schools getting back into session this time of year I cannot help but think of homework.  Sitting up the night before a project is due, frantically writing an essay at two in the morning, helping X solve its own problems; you likely remember homework.  It sucked.  Still sucks.

This week’s list is dedicated to making the homework process better in the best way possible; avoiding it!  I hold a master’s degree, or as I like to call it; proof I did 18 years of homework.  I wish I had some of these things to help through the boring bits.  I mean…do your homework kids, it really does matter.

Projects this week include a DIY Guess Who, backgammon, serving trays and Hnefetafl.  G.esundheit.

Make a Backgammon Board!

Backgammon is an old game that was well loved in the Victorian age.  Simple to learn but impossible to master.  You just need some dice and tokens and a few triangles.  Find a theme you like and have a go.  Well, not Go, but you know what’s going on. Super simple project.  You can build it between Civics and Bio projects.  Need a history lesson? Click here for backgammon’s history.

Guess Who DIY
From the picture, successful completion of a DIY Guess Who board requires pictures of no less than three hipster uncles.  For a more steampunk feel, use three hipster uncles in monocles.

diy guess who

Serving Tray

Snacks and homework are a natural pair.  Here’s a whole bunch of nifty ideas for making a serving tray awesome.  My favorite is the road map.  A map of the old New York Subway system would be steampunk as fudge.

King’s Table (because it is easier to spell)

Another ancient game that is quick to build, fast to learn and impossible to master.  This looks to be an hour long project, little more with paint drying allowed.  Though using bolts and hardware instead of wood has potential.  The link includes rules and plenty of pictures to guide the creation process.  Think of it as math homework with a saw blade involved.

The Hnefetafl board

Happy weekend!


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