Magic from a Dead Tree

A long hard winter took a toll on a three year old cherry tree.  The summer came along and we remained hopeful that maybe, just maybe it would come back.  No.  No it was dead.  Dead as a…winter shocked cherry tree.  I am really off on my metaphors lately.  Today it came down.  It was a pretty tree though and cherry wood is neat, so while it no longer provided fruits for birds to eat before we even know the tree fruited, it could still be of some use.  That use? Wands.  A bunch of wands.

We were lucky enough to spend the day with friends and their adorable children.  Burgers and pizza filled our bellies and the sound of laughing kids filled our hearts.  As far as end of summer get togethers go, this was one of the best.  Also lucky for me, the friends are quite patient with my “oh! let’s make this” ideas.  So the three kids able to speak got wands today.  The youngest, my home’s toddler, did not get a wand as he uses any hand held object as a club.  Against my face.

With help of the kids’ dad, the old tree came down and was chopped down and the little branch offshoots cleared off.  The branches were sanded down to make the offshoot points less “gouge your eye out” sharp.  The bark was sanded away and all that remained was the the grain.  Little more than smooth sticks.

There is a world of possibility in something so little as a stick.  The three boys were given a sort of wand ceremony.  I am just about the only one of my group of friends who has never read the Harry Potter books.  I was prepared to carve symbols into the sticks, paint them, let the boys name their wands go all out.  How wrong I was.  The others shot down my ideas of symbols and paint.  I put away the Dremel and begged forgiveness for my lack of proper wand knowledge.  I did win out on the “no pointy tips” part.

The other dad passed around the wands and the boys picked their favorite.  Wands in hand, the night became something new.

ZAP! Shouted two of the kids as they chased each other through the house. 

And  laughter.  I thought for sure the project would be met with “neat! What’s next?” Instead, little wizards played the night away.

I could not think of a better way to make use of a dead tree.


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