Mood Lighting

Walking for all of a week, the toddler was ill prepared for a rave like hallway of the museum today. He stood underneath green lights and looked at skin. I’m pretty sure he thought gamma radiation had taken its toll. He walked around quite unbalanced. It was a scene straight out of a 90s nu-metal video. The firstborn ran around, shouting that he was an astronaut. I do not know when he started watching Kubrick films, but it all made sense. 

The toddler was quite happy to head to next exhibit. 

Museums bring out a hyper little demon within either child. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has a section dedicated to just tactile learning stations. Water, gears, sand pits, building areas; it is amazing. 


At the “sand pit” kids brush away the rubber sand to reveal dinosaur bits. Very neat make believe fun for them. The firstborn plays for a little while and then zips to the water play section. The toddler on the other hand had his first tantrum today. 

I picked him up out of the pit and he screamed at me. He’s typically a very docile kid unless he’s hungry at 4am or very, very tired. Turns out he frigging loves the sand pit and wanted to voice his objection to his removal. 

While probably not a proper response, I laughed. I did not know he could be mad about things not pertaining to food or sleep. He’s growing up so fast. It was a learning experience for all of us. I learned he could be mad. He learned I will laugh at him when he’s in emotional distress. Not really the intended lesson of the day. Whoops.  


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