Wow, Look at the Dust!

I started my whole writing on the internet thing through Jukepop Serials long ago.  My story was about super powered college kids battling mobsters who were battling super powered mobsters.  It is pretty fun to write and full of characters drawn from my own life full of super powered people.  Or something, I lost focus a bit.

I have not written a new chapter for my serial Wren since December!

Time flies when you’re having fun.  Because it has been so long, I was afraid of getting back into it in a serialized format.  “Perhaps,” I said to myself, “I will finish it over the winter months and publish everything in one fell swoop?”

Nope.  I got back into the characters and said, “You know what? A quick expository chapter now and a things can get rolling along again pretty easily.”

So today I put up Chapter 37 of Wren.  In a funny-only-to-me I titled the chapter “Resolve on the Highway” a wee tribute to the writing I’ve been doing here instead of Wren.

Check out Chapter 37 right here:

Jukepop is full of wonderful writers and stories for everyone to explore too.  Writers and stories way better than me too, so when you tire of Wren’s drivel go find something entertaining.

Thanks for reading!


Comments welcome!

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