Korina’s Karma

Korina ruled at frisbee golf.  She did not tell her parents this bit of personal trivia.  She had learned plenty in her first year of college; why some olde timey English words had Fs in weird places, why it might be a good thing to question the common narrative, and the best times to hit the dining hall were all important lessons.  But above all else, she learned frisbee golf.

She called it “disc golf” to better fit the hobby’s jargon.  It was quite insufferable to talk with her about the subject as she rolled her eyes at the plebs who dared call her sport “frisbee golf”.  Her roommates would smile and nod during conversations about the “sick drive” she had earlier in the day.  They would humor her about how her intramural team was probably taking the league this year.  Every night, every day, the dorm room discussion focused on disc golf.

Her roommates, three engineering students, had grown weary of a year of frolf talk.  And sitting on wayward discs.  And having people show up at their room smelling of patchouli and quoting Kafka out of context.  There was of course “the incident” that resulted in one night of tears and yelling.  Mostly yelling.  Korina had loosed a short range disc in the dorm,  it soared well right up until the side of Lacey’s head became a sudden and most unfortunate obstacle.

It had been a long year for the three.

As the last week of school arrived, the engineers wanted to find a creative way to encourage their roommate to engage with others, take part in conversations outside one’s comfort zone and generally not be a total drag on everything.  They knew Korina’s parents would not be too keen on the disc golf exploits that had taken up so much of the C+ student’s time.

They used the school’s newest 3d printer to craft a “Disc Golf Champion” trophy.  They used the last of their allowed printing budgets to make a wall sized banner reading “Korina the Champion” knowing it would bring up plenty of questions with her parents.  The whole plan was cruel and heartless, but oh so necessary.

When Korina brought her parents up to the dorm to help pack up for the summer break the banner greeted them first.  Korina’s jaw dropped as she tried to pull the door closed.  Lacey stuck her foot between the door and the frame to stop the attempt.  The moment had come.  The moment the roommates would serve Korina her karma first hand.  Months of ceaseless chatter about a hobby she never once invited the others to participate in; a hobby she kept secret from her parents, a hobby that made her give herself the nickname “Disco” would be worth it for what came next.

“What are you a champion of, little bug?” Her father asked.

“Korie is a champion disc golfer!” Lacey said.  She handed the father the trophy.

“You play frisbee golf?” Korina’s mother asked.

“It’s disc golf, mom.” Korina said, rolling her eyes.




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