A New Age Dawns

The age…of dinosaurs. *dramatic viola, yes viola*

We were told early and often that kid number two was going to be an entirely different beast. “Yeah, yeah,” we said thinking the first one had thrown everything a kid could go through at us. We were fools and our hubris brought our downfall like a Roman emperor. 

The current “wow, these are two totally different beings” example is in the baby’s love of stuffed animals. The firstborn had zero cares to give about stuffed toys. He has liked swords from three months to the present. The baby, however, sees a stuffed toy and just flips his mind with excitement. 

Hugs and squeezes and death grips await any stuffed toy in his path. So now we have tons of the things laying about the house. I found out this afternoon that a cat sized T-Rex toy resting near the sliding glass door leading to our backyard, when just caught out of the corner of the eye, does a great impression of a cat sized cat. I went “ah!” And now we are teaching the wee one to pick up after himself. 

The dinosaur toys were gifted to the firstborn years ago and have sat unnoticed in his room since. So we the parents developed a bit of a blind spot to them until this very week, when it clicked that there was a ready supply of stuffed animals for the littlest human in the house. 

This rediscovery coincided with Dinosaur Week at day care. I imagine that is a bit like Shark Week, but with better research (boom!). 

The baby has his Dino toys and the firstborn has a passing knowledge of how tiny T-Rex arms are. It was quite good timing. 

Dinner this evening came with a show 65 million years in the making. They kept that for the new Jurassic Park, right? They had to. Please tell me they did. 


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