First Steps

The baby became a toddler today. Pretty sure that’s how it works. He has been doing one or two steps in a row for a few weeks. After step two he activated his diaper’s cushion feature and plops down. 

Today that changed. He was taking full hallway walks to get to his next food source (little difference between puppies and babies).  He laughed, we cheered, his brother’s applause was all that mattered to him though. 

From a parent perspective, it’s a great day. The wee one is growing fast and has all new ways to terrify and stress us out now. And shoe shopping will be more regular now. Bleh. 

Of course the bulk of the first steps adventure came right after bath time while he was naked as a bird. No pictures exist to commemorate the event. We have video of the firstborn’s fully clothed first steps that would have made for a fun side by side comparison. The youngest is not know for being too helpful. 

He was quite happy to get his feet moving though. Not one for frivolity, he stepped outside to bubble mow the yard. 


I didn’t have the heart to tell him the yard is basically dead. And there were no bubbles. And he was running into a lamp post repeatedly. 

Later on, at the friendly local library, the firstborn tried to teach the little one to run.

The ol’ “use the super hero costumes in the children’s section of the local library to transform into Super Hulk Man and completely trip out your younger brother” trick. A classic for all the right reasons.  


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