Steampunk Weekend DIY

August starts this weekend.  Hop aboard, I’m your captain; Captain Obvious.  (But please, Captain Obvious was my father…some jokes I feel failing as I type them out I really do).  School is starting up this month, days will get a little warmer before getting way cooler; August is a crazy month.  It is a great month to build stuff, get outside and enjoy the days leading up to what will surely be a dreadful winter.

Intro done.  Let’s get to some awesome projects!  This week we have a creepy hotel key rack, a timeless screwdriver, a completely impractical crib and a wee little robot that will straight up haunt your dreams.

Here we go!

Creepy Old School Hotel Key Rack
If this were in my home I would consistently say, “but you’ve always been here.”  The walls would be lined with black and white photos of strangers in formal wear.  Hatchets.  Hatchets everywhere.  I have no idea why, but this needs to be a Halloween decoration.  Title cards with old typewriter style fonts, beat up the paint; it would be awesome.

Arduino Robot of Horrors!

I do not know nearly enough about arduinos, but they seem amazing.  The possibilities are endless.  This project looks like a whole bunch of Doctor Who episodes smashed together and created something even Doctor Who writers would fear.  Imagine chasing down the kids with a roving robot that keeps saying, “are you my mummy?” Parenting done right!

Steam Engine Crib

Our littlest little guy is soon to be out of his crib.  Now, I certainly do not want a third child by any means; that would be dumb.  However, should any of my dear friends or family be in need of a crib I would be more than happy to put this together for them.  They really don’t even need to ask.  Having a kid? Here’s an enormous crib! Hope it fits, bye!

Train crib bed diy F Wonderful DIY Amazing  Kids Train Bed

Sonic Screwdriver!

I have put steampunk sonic screwdrivers in these lists before and will continue to do so until they stop being amazing (ie; never).  This take on the classic Doctor Who tool uses some neat parts and techniques.  Plenty of fun working with electronics and browsing a hardware store for just the right piece.

steampunk sonic screwdriver

Happy weekend everybody!

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