Bowen Hears What He Wants

There were three things Bowen had in his pockets; a menu for Imperial Garden, a crumbled 20 dollar bill, and a mp3 player had had owned since the tenth grade.  Bowen loved his music.  He loved singing loudly.  He sang alongside his favorite tunes in the car, the train, walking down the sidewalk; anywhere and every where.  His talent was middling, but he could at least sing on key most of the time.

Bowen’s friends enjoyed the vocal exploits of the shaggy haired kid for the sole purpose of Bowen’s inexplicable inability to memorize lyrics.  He could not even memorize the wrong lyrics.  Every rendition was different.  He loves popular stuff too, so he hears the music regularly.  Enter Sandman, by Metallica, has been “Ender’s Blight, Exit Sight!” The chorus of all of Green Day’s hits are mostly just him making weird noises, with the exception of “Take me up when December mends.”  There’s a No Use For a Name song none of his group can identify because he always sings “Get out of this town, Turpentine and glue my fingertips”.

He’s so close most of the time.  His friends have learned plenty about Bowen through his made up lyrics.  What one says is most telling, what one hears is more so.  So far, Bowen appears to have dreadful fear of spiders.  Any song with “rider” or “beside her” is transformed into an chaotic tale of ten foot tall spiders bringing terror upon mere mortals.  He also has a thing for the Terminator movies.  “I’ll be back” is thrown into every fast rap he imitates. He had a version of Rapper’s Delight that simply a cookie recipe spoken really fast while asking where John Connor was.

For as bizarre as Bowen’s lyrical prowess might be, he is always having fun.  His friends are not sure if he really cannot hear the words in songs or if he is just as in on the joke as they are.  There’s a never a dull moment though.  Plenty of awkward moments though, one day he asked his friends to start a band with him on lead vocal.  There was some foot shuffling that afternoon.



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