A Weekend Ends

Since Thursday, my wife and kids have been in Kansas.  They come home tonight thankfully.  Four long days with out kids and the wife.  Here’s what I learned.

First, cooking without kids is actually kind of ok.  This jar below?  Red pepper flakes.  You know what kids hate? Red pepper flakes.  You know what I love? Red pepper flakes.  I made sesame chicken on Thursday night and nearly set my mouth aflame with spice.  It was glorious. 

Second, one night of silence is about enough.  This house is full of giggles and tears, shouts and shrieks, buttons on toys being pushed, balls thrown, quick patters of a baby who has a crawl equal to a running gazelle.  It is a house of sound and activity at all hours of the day.  I had one night of being able to tolerate the sudden silence and that was all I could handle.  I played Propaghandi and Against Me! loudly well into the night Thursday evening.  Could not sleep until after midnight, woke up thinking kids needed checking on quite often and then went to work on Friday morning.  I am so rarely pleased with days full of meetings, but talking to others was a nice break.

I could not make it on my own for even a night.

Third, I have some really good people in my life.  My brother came up to my house on Friday and we got to hang out all weekend.  We built stuff, created the Steampunk Airship Name Generator, played so many video games and even a never ending round of Assault 19XX.  It was nice to see him and it was really nice of him to help end the silence in the house.  Saturday, my parents opened their home to me and we played games well into the night.  Jokes and stories filled the day.  If one cannot be with family, it is good to be with…family.  Household family?  Words are weird.

Fourth, kids must have addictive chemicals to them.  I missed my kids.  My wife too.  They are frustrating at times, but going four days without their little hugs or badgering them to just eat their dinner is too long.  I’m jonesing for a kid fix and they cannot get home soon enough.  I am looking forward to reading them to sleep again, cooking not spicy meals and regaining some noise to this place.  Hopefully they’ll be excited to come home.

It has been four days since I’ve seen my wife’s smile too.  12 years now and that’s always the highlight of my day.

The fifth lesson of the long weekend apart; no more traveling apart.  If plans exist, we go together.  Or maybe we don’t go at all.  I’m not entirely sure how well the trip worked out.  We’ll know soon.


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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